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October 04th, 2018

Exciting News!

We have some exciting things to report this month, from almost raising enough for our largest project yet, to the Children’s Home fundraising update, to souls saved!  Read to learn more!

Those who have followed TCI for some time know that though there has been consistent fruit, it has also been slow, hard work.  Sometimes it would take years to see just one or two people get saved.  However, we now believe we are entering a new time: a time of seeing more frequent salvations and church growth!

While Shan and Lindsey have been in the States raising support, the team at home has been actively ministering and witnessing to people.  About a week ago, a family (a mom and her two teenagers) accepted Christ at our church!


Shortly after that, two of our staff members visited the local hospital to visit the husband of a dying woman.  She was on the brink of death, and the doctors had all but given up on her.  Our staff shared about the healing that Jesus offers, and laid hands on the husband.  The doctors quickly rushed back into the room as the woman began rapidly improving!


Just a few short days ago, one of the friends of one of our church members was ready to accept Christ.  Our staff visited him at his home, praying with him as he bowed his head in repentance.  Praise God!


Pastors David and Paula have also been busy traveling over the border into Burma to start a Bible Leadership Training School.  They have felt the need for this for quite some time, since local pastors and leaders requested training for their people and congregants.  They are researching property and buildings, so pray for favor and finances for a great place!


On top of that, we are blessed to report that Faith Village Children’s Home is now at 82% of its monthly giving budget!  Thank you to the many individuals who have partnered with us monthly.  The gifts have ranged from $30 to $600 a month, and every gift is a blessing!  We only lack about $400/month to reach our goal!


God has also laid it on our heart to finally complete the church building that was started back in 2005.  In a time of more salvations and a growing children’s church, we have need to complete our sanctuary.  Right now, it is an empty concrete space.  The $40,000 project will allow us to move our services to the main sanctuary and use the youth room (where we are currently meeting) for its original purpose, as well as have classrooms and extra space for children’s ministry.

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We have a donor willing to match $20,000, and have already raised $17,000!  We only lack $3,000 to reach our goal!  Would you consider giving a one-time gift to help us reach $20,000?  We are SO CLOSE!  Simply click the “Donate” button on our page, select “Other” as the designation, and write “Church Project” in the Message section.

We are so grateful for your prayers and support for TCI!  We are excited about what God is doing in Thailand and in the countries around it, and hope you are too!  Please consider making a monthly or one-time gift to TCI to close the deficit in the projects we mentioned.  God bless you!

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