Faith Village

Monthly Need: $2,000-$3,000

Faith Village Children’s Home is a safe haven for children who are orphaned, abused, in danger or have been trafficked for child prostitution or slave labor, and forced into rebel armies.  Faith Village property is located on TCI Campus, and has several buildings, including boys and girls dorms, a church, a schoolhouse, a store, a cafeteria, and staff housing.  The children also enjoy basketball and soccer fields, a playground, and an indoor gym/game area.

Previously called House of New Vision, FV was founded in 1996 by Pastors David and Paula Mahawon.  They began rescuing children in 1995, when they were impressed by God to rescue 36 boys.  In a dangerous escape that only God could do, the Mahawons established a safe home in Thailand to care for, raise, and educate these young men in the hope and truth of Christ.


Since its foundation, FV has raised over 120 girls and boys.  These children were rescued from dangerous or hopeless situations and given hope in a family-like community.  They are immersed in a Christian environment in which they are taught and demonstrated the love of Jesus Christ.  They are educated, fed, clothed, and mentored by staff of TCI.  It is here and by your support that they are given a fresh start, and the hope of creating a beautiful future that only salvation through Jesus could bring them!

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