Intern Experience

As a part of our vision in training up local leaders to reach their own for Christ, we have also developed an internship program that features spiritual accountability, practical ministry, missions, and training.

What is the Intern Experience?

Whether you are someone that feels called by God to be a missionary long term and are seeking whether TCI is the place for you, or you simply want to serve God in a different part of the world and be immersed into another culture for a short period of time, the TCI Internship Experience will be a life changing one. We at TCI family want to help you grow as an individual and in your relationship with God!


What will it be like as an Intern at TCI?

Being an intern at TCI will mean that you will be included into our family and will serve alongside both local and international staff members. Once you enter the Intern Experience program, we will place you to serve in a part of the ministry that both needs help and God has equipped you for.  We look to excel you in the area that God has called you, and help you to grow in ways that may be uncomfortable!

Here are some things that you may experience:

  • Being a part of the Faith Village Children’s Home family and getting to know the children.
  • Being involved with church planting.
  • Teaching in the school
  • Helping us pick mangos to sell (and eat!) during the harvest season.
  • Assisting TCI staff in administrative duties in the office or chores at Faith Village.
  • Going out on outreaches
  • And much more!

The application process

Acceptance into our Internship Experience will be determined by your application portfolio, references, and an interview. Because of our children’s home, we take precaution before allowing long-term visitors.  There will be three factors that will contribute in determining whether it is the right time for you to be an intern at Trumpets of Christ International:

  1. Spiritual Authority: We want to know that the spiritual authorities in your life (parents, pastors, and leaders) all agree that this is the right training environment for you at this time.
  2. Personal Life: Spiritual maturity and preparedness are key factors in determining entrance into this program.  Thailand has a significant level of spiritual warfare, which requires spiritual maturity.  Since church commitment is often an indication of that, in order to be considered for acceptance you must have been committed to a local church for at least 6 months.
  3. Finances: You must have the full amount of funds to provide for the duration of your stay.  It costs $300/mo for room, board, and transportation at Faith Village.  Contact us for more details.

Once all the application components are in, an interview will be scheduled with one of our staff member via Skype.   We will notify you of the result within a few weeks of the interview.

For more information about how you can be a part our Intern Experience, please contact us through the contact form on this website, or by emailing us!

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