Short Term Missions

We believe that short-term mission outreaches are one of God’s strategies for mobilizing the body of Christ to bring in the harvest.

It is important to us that your team plays a strategic and beneficial role in furthering the gospel through TCI’s vision.  Each team that comes to serve plays a very important role and each team is carefully integrated into the overall strategy of our ministry.  This gives our short-term teams an unprecedented opportunity to be a part of the long-term vision for reaching a nation.


Trumpets of Christ International provides on-going opportunities throughout the year for you to become involved with us through short term missions. We receive both youth and adult teams!

Coming on a short-term mission team is a cross-cultural missions encounter designed to introduce the individual on the team to the mission field.

Are you looking to bring a team?

The pamphlets below offer an overview of three different mission tracks we offer through TCI.  Each are unique and valuable to our ministry and you!  As a team leader or pastor, we encourage you to pray and assess which would be the best fit for your team.  Further communication and details can be done through email or video calling.  Contact us at to initiate the planning!

Faith Village Mission Trip

Local Outreach Mission Trip

Refugee Village Mission Trip

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