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You have the opportunity to give a lasting gift to the children and young adults of Faith Village: knowledge!

If you desire to teach in an informal setting to a small group of children, TCI has an opportunity for you to do so. As a volunteer teacher at TCI, you would be able to teach in the area of your expertise for anywhere from one month to a full nine-month term. You would have the opportunity to live on TCI’s campus, Faith Village, and therefore get to know the students at their home!

TCI is looking for volunteer teachers who have an area of expertise or knowledge (evidenced by training, practice, or a degree) that they are able to teach. Some of the essential subjects are:

  • Math
  • English
  • Writing
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Bible
  • Thai language
  • Computer/Technology
  • Health
  • Arts/Music
  • Foreign Language (Chinese, French, etc)

If a volunteer has another area of expertise that they would like to teach (sewing, dance, etc.), we welcome those enrichment opportunities, and would consider them as well. As a ministry, TCI would require that volunteer teachers raise their own support, and follow certain guidelines while residing with us. It costs $300/month to stay and serve at Faith Village.  Further details regarding finances or your stay can be discussed over email or Skype.

Thank you for considering giving a tremendous gift to the next generation at Faith Village! Please contact us through our website, or email us at

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