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February 14th, 2020

Conference 2020 Recap

This year marks yet another fantastic conference for the books!  This year was different than any other year, because God is always doing a new thing among us!

Most people’s reaction to this year’s conference was smaller numbers, but bigger impact.  Our numbers for pastors and leaders in attendance remained around 30, just as in years past.  Though various circumstances made the evening services be a bit smaller (100-150 each night), that by no means affected the BIG ways that God showed up!

First of all, we are so thankful for the guest and local speakers that brought fantastic words to our leaders and nighttime-attendees.  Pastors Jon Coyler, Jesse Tricola, and Dave Adams powerfully spoke and ministered to the people who came.  Our local leaders, Pastors Shan Mahawon, David Mahawon, and Paula Mahawon all gave impactful, relevant messages for the local pastors during the day sessions.  Our worship team led us in powerful sessions of praise and worship during the day and night.  Thank you to all who served!

The true highlight of the conference was how powerfully God ministered through the guest speakers to our pastors and leaders.  On multiple occasions, the leaders were prayed for, encouraged, and some even physically healed of long-standing sicknesses or pains.  Each day the pastors gained vision and hope for this coming year, and grew in confidence and excitement to go back home and apply to their own ministries in Thailand and Burma.

Pastors came all the way from larger cities like Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, as well as from smaller, rural communities like Piang Luang and Bang Ma Pha.  No matter where they were from, they were blessed immensely.  Our own team at TCI was blessed too, with many of us getting direction and vision from God, and some receiving physically healing as well!

God has no limit!  We’re so thankful for how God was in the midst of every aspect of the conference, from raising finances, to setting up the church, to the lives changed.  As always, we expect the pastors and leaders that attended to go back home and make a BIGGER impact on their own communities!

Thank you to all our partner churches and supporters for helping us make Leadership Conference 2020 happen.  We believe God will use this conference and all the conferences to come to reach this nation for Christ!

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