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November 08th, 2019

Exciting Things Ahead: Conference 2020!

It’s been a tremendous month and a half for TCI!  We’re excited to share with you what God has done in the people of northern Thailand, as well as share some exciting things ahead for the ministry!

What God Has Done

As we have shared in the past, water baptism is a huge step for Buddhist people.  After they make a verbal confession that Jesus is Lord, we invite them to be baptized.  They view this step as a true abandonment of their past life in Buddhism, and a true commitment to Jesus.  So we are always so excited when believers take this step!  We had the privilege of baptizing four individuals this past September.  Praise God for new life!

Our teenagers were able to participate in a youth camp put on by Asian Tribal Ministries in Doi Saket this past October.  Everyone there was highly impacted by God and encouraged to walk in their God-given destiny.  One of our church members that attended is a high school girl who had accepted Jesus, but was hesitant to be baptized in fear of her family’s opinion.  After the camp, she now wants to get baptized!  On top of that, with the help of a team from Washington State, this young girl’s father received healing and accepted Christ.  He is still unsure and pretty uncommitted, but we praise God for the ongoing work He is doing in this family!

The team from Washington State was a huge blessing to us.  Thank you to New Horizon Church for the coffee shop and playground makeover, the soccer camp, the ministry you did, and the wonderful relationships we built with you!  Pastor Shan’s brother-in-law Tim was also a tremendous blessing, as he visited and set things up for his and Misty’s long-term ministry here in the future.  They will be running a worship school and the worship program at our Thaton church.  We are excited to welcome them to our team!

What’s Ahead: Leadership Conference 2020!

We are gearing up for TCI’s Leadership Conference 2020, January 28-31.  The theme of this conference is “Expansion.”  God has placed this theme on our hearts for several months now.  We believe there is going to be an expansion in all facets of the Gospel in Thailand: expansion of not only the number of believers, but expansion in the lives of individuals as they step out in service, works of the Spirit, and boldness to witness, and experience expansion in their personal lives as well!

We want to make room for and expect even more this year.  These are our goals for this year:

  1. Host at least 40 leaders and their families at our campus, blessing them with worship, teaching, fellowship, and food (all expenses covered for these leaders!)
  2. Extend the conference to 4 night sessions and 3 days, a whole day longer, giving more opportunities for the lost to be saved and for pastors to receive valuable teaching during the day.
  3. Raise $4,000, based on a cost of about $100 per pastor/leader attending

By giving towards this conference, you enable local leaders and pastors to be empowered for a year of ministry in challenging areas of Thailand and Burma.  This conference gives them tremendous encouragement, fuel from the Word of God, and meaningful connections with other leaders!  To give, visit our Donation Page and write “Leadership Conference” in the comments section.

Pray With Us

Finally, and most importantly, join us in prayer for what’s ahead, not only provision for the conference, but also:

  • For many leaders/pastors to RSVP positively to the conference
  • For provision of $4,000 for the conference
  • For our upcoming Christmas outreach program, which will feature a Christmas play and music!  Our intent is to have Christians from many churches participate, and to spread the Good News to our community in this season- one which is insignificant to Buddhists, but has life-changing power!
  • For the continued spiritual growth of new believers, members of our church, community contacts, and our staff and kids!

Thank you for your participation with TCI!  We are blessed by your support and prayers!
In Christ,

The TCI Team

(Below: a picture from TCI’s Leadership Conference 2019.  Believe with us that there will be even more leaders this year!)

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