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May 12th, 2020

Hope for the Hurting

When we found out that many people in our community were going hungry because the financial pressures of Covid-19, TCI staff got a list of the 50 neediest members of our community and prepared bags of food for them.  The bags included things like dry noodles, sauces, canned fish, and more!  This was a great opportunity for our ministry to share our abundance with those most in need, and to share the love and light of Christ during a dark time!

We’ve also been able to be a witness to the online community.  We broadcast our services (in Shan and Thai) on Sunday mornings in Thailand, and each week there are six Shan churches (in addition to our own church members) who tune in to worship with us.  Pastor Shan is also leading three Zoom cell groups each week from the States with members of our church.  They’ve been able to connect, take communion, pray and encourage one another during this time.  Many have commented how encouraged they are by these virtual meetings!

Though the outbreak of Covid-19 has caused our world a lot of pain and hardship, the staff of TCI has been used by God to be a light in the darkness, and hope to a hurting world!  We are excited about how God is using us, and thank you for supporting us in our efforts during this time!  Pray for many to come to know the salvation of Jesus Christ, as they are desperate for help and open to engaging with our staff at TCI.

On a sadder note, we also ask you to pray for one of our kids.  David (age 15) recently made the decision to leave Faith Village and go stay with his mom, who is living in a bad situation.  David knows that the door is always open for him to return to Faith Village should he choose, and we pray for his safety and heart during this time.  We will continue to keep David listed as one of our kids for the next year, should he choose to come back.

No matter what the circumstances on this earth may be, God is our source, strength, and hope!  Please continue to pray with TCI for the work we are doing to reach the lost of Thailand.  Also pray for Pastors David and Paula as they leave Thailand at the end of May to go to the States.  The logistics and financial cost of travel are extra strenuous during this time, so if you feel led to help with their travels, please visit our giving page and write “David and Paula” in the comment section.  We thank God for your prayers and partnership!  God bless!

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