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July 20th, 2022

Outside the Church Walls

As restrictions loosen, we have been going out…

One of our greatest privileges as a church is to bring the Gospel to those who have never heard.  Sometimes, that means visiting remote villages that don’t have a church! Our team visited a rural village in the mountains, bringing them games, music, Gospel skits, sharing the Good News, and praying for their people. 

Our teens performing a Gospel skit

Other times, it means encouraging village churches that are disconnected from the larger Christian community.  Our team also went out to Mae Hong Son Province last month to preach, encourage leaders, and spend time with the group of believers there!  Though they are small, we encouraged them that following God’s vision for their small village can make all the difference! (See highlight video here)

Praying for and encouraging the believers

Finally, this week our team went local, visiting homes and villages surrounding the church.  Our team prayed for those who were sick, shared the Gospel, and brought gifts for those suffering.  Special thanks to Hope Outreaches for partnering with us! Some heard the Gospel who had never heard before, and were invited to come to church and hear more!

We’re thankful for your gifts towards these special outreaches, which enable us to go farther and more frequently!  If you feel led to give towards our next outreach, or want to support any of the related works of TCI in Thailand, click the link here:

May we partner together until all hear the Good News!

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