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June 26th, 2018

Spiritual Seeds

We’ve been busy at TCI this past month!  As summer came to a close and the rainy season rumbled around, the skies changed and so did our activities!  Though we plant and harvest in a very literal sense here at the farm, we also pray for God to water and grow the spiritual seeds that have been sown in late years.  We continue to labor to that end: to see many come to know Jesus.

Pastor David visited a Shan church outside of Bangkok this past month.  He ministered twice and saw many respond enthusiastically to his message of faith.  They were encouraged by the Shan Bibles and church t-shirts we brought to them!

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At New Vision Church, we restarted our English outreach program after the summer vacation.  In the past week, we saw many new faces, largely due to a game day we had the day before!  We have a youth team from Midland here, who shared a testimony at the game day and invited the kids to come to church.  Pray for the message of the Gospel to fall on good soil in those kids’ hearts!  We had 45 kids in our Sunday School class this Sunday!

thailand0352 thailand0657

We’re blessed by the youth team visiting, who is engaging our kids in all kinds of games, outings, and special treats.  Most of all, they’re bonding with our kids and loving on them.  Our kids are having a ball.  Thank you to the X-treeme team for the love and generous hearts you bring!

thailand0813 thailand0441

Faith Village received a new addition to our family this past month.  Pan is 11 years old and is an orphan.  After being cared for for many years by another family, he’s with us in order to be away from the volatile and immoral environment he was in.


Between the children’s home and the church, we have our hands full!  But we are more hopeful than ever for the salvation of many souls in our area, including with our kids.  Be praying with us for the Gospel to fall on good soil, workers to be sent to the harvest field, and for provision for the ministry.  Also pray for the stability of the ministry as Pastor Shan and Lindsey go back to the States for several months next week to raise support and reconnect with supporters.

Thank you for your partnership with this ministry.  What a privilege to be co-laborers with Christ!

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