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June 19th, 2019

TCI’s June Update!

Hello from Thailand!  It has been far too long since we’ve given you an update of the happenings at TCI!  We have many pieces of good news to share, as well as prayer requests.  We hope you’re blessed by it!

First of all, attendance at church has been great!  Since January, we’ve had three NEW families join our church regularly!  This is really exciting, because our church finally has the facilities to host babies, children, and adults during the service.  We love the growth we’ve seen in these families, and also see how our impact in the community has expanded because of it.  We recently did house visits, and had the privilege of praying with people in their homes.  They were touched that we would take time to visit, and the following Sunday many of them came to church!

On Sunday mornings before church, our English program brings from 20 to 40 non-Christian kids into the church.  We have a short class and then have them stay for service.  For most of these kids, being in church is a strange experience.  But our vision is to make church a place where they experience the love and truth of Jesus, even if just once a week.  We’re believing the seeds planted will one day produce a harvest, so join us in praying for those kids!

As many of you heard, one of our 11-year old boys named Song suffered a compound fracture after falling off one of the pieces of playground equipment.  The surgery cost more than our monthly budget could afford, but YOU (our supporters) came together to pay for over 100% of the costs!  Thank you for your partnership on Song’s behalf.  He is recovering nicely and sporting a sling now!

Our high school kicked off in May, and has been going well.  Our new students have been growing in leaps and bounds, not only in their English ability, but also in their confidence, interaction with our adults, and knowledge of Scripture.  Two of our other former students who graduated are now in Chiang Mai, settling in and transitioning to college life.

Now that rainy season is in full swing, there’s lots of fun outdoor activities that our staff and kids participate in!  Some of those activities include picking mangoes off the tree, catching bugs and eating them (stay tuned for a video soon!), and hunting for mushrooms on the mountain.  Rainy season brings new life and cool breezes to the country, for which we’re grateful, especially after a long, dry summer.

We have a few items of prayer, and ask that you join us in lifting these things up with us:

  • Faith Village monthly support to reach 100%
  • The upcoming cell group training and prep to go well
  • For teacher volunteers from November through December
  • For upcoming ministry trips to neighboring churches and homes to be a blessing

We at TCI are grateful for your friendship, prayers, and partnership in the Gospel.  God bless!

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